best fiction books of 2017

THIS BOOK MADE ME FEEL ALL THE THINGS. I’m a desperate hunter for books that sink their claws into your soul, and make you feel inspired and hopeful and real. You know those books I’m talking about? Like, I know that I’m an actual person because I can feel something while I read this. No doubts. Plus, this book didn’t beat around the bush while forcing you to see the world with rose colored glasses.

This book was all about firsts, which by the way, is something that I love about childhood-adult development. There is always something to relate to; something to remember. Addiction and loss is a major underlying theme, and it will make you remember how hard it is to be a teenager and make you thankful that you made it to adulthood. It will make your heart ache and rejoice in the depths that you keep of-so-privately.

It was the day after I turned 27 that John Green announced to the world that he was gifting us a new book. (Seriously, Happy Birthday to ME!) I was sitting on the blue line on my way home from work when I found out, and I knew that I was in for a party. It turned out to be more of a party than I thought though, because four months after that moment on the blue line I bought a plane ticket to Spokane for John and Hank Green’s book tour. The show was a great as the book itself, but I LOVE books that come with experiences. (LOVE!) And that experience was just SO big that, oh gosh, be still my heart.

Also, I blazed through this book in FOUR HOURS. I just couldn’t stop reading. Plus, I had a really bad cold the day that I bought it, so my laughter that was so loud and rambunctious because the book was THAT FUNNY mostly sounded like a wild goose honking.

Genuine Fraud was released right around the same time that Taylor Swift announced her new album and LWYMMD’s greatness was released into the world… so in my head the protagonist of the book looked exactly like TS the whole time I was reading, which wasn’t what E. Lockheart had in mind I’m sure, but it made that book FUN. This book, while Fiction, read to me like the ultimate fantasy novel of my dreams. What girl doesn’t want an unlimited bank account? And to be unstoppable, and for lack of a better phrase, selfish enough to keep going this was like, my ultimate dream life. Her skills for stealth, deceptiveness and on the road for adventure had me reeling. However, Shannon-Squared summed up her adventures in a more realistic way: Girl was just tryin’ to survive!

This was literary gold, and EVERYONE is talking about it. (As it should be if I do say so myself) It reminded me a lot of Revolutionary Road, just with a little less of such a gruesome ending, and not such a dark and hopeless premise. But if you love Suburban fiction… BUY this one. And if you don’t love Suburban fiction, you should probably jump on the band wagon so you can enjoy all of the ideas about race, class and gender that you can possible get your hands on. This was my first Celeste Eng and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The story tugs and pulls between the lower class, and the upper-middle class. A single mom and her daughter living happily in poverty while their upper-middle class landlord who lets them rent for next to nothing gets a little too entangled with the best intentions.

Julia Keller is my all time favorite mystery author, and I am SO picky about the mystery books I read. One of my favorite things about Julia Keller is that she releases a book once a year, like clock work to continue the adventures of Bell Elkins. I love John Green, but that six year gap was a ROUGH one. It’s easy to fall in love with Bell Elkins for her feminism, her whit, her character development, and her determination for social justice, and you know that when you finish one book, one is around the corner soon. Plus, who doesn’t love an amazing woman fighting for good and putting the bad guys in jail?


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